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Established to help with business management in Cambodia.


  • Automatic VAT Include
  • Purchase & Sale
  • VAT Report & Printing
  • Easy to Prepare Document with Auto Invoice Generation

Barcode Printing & POS

  • Auto Generate Barcode
  • Barcode Printing Label Option
  • Point of Sale (User level)
  • Detail POS’s Report
  • Summary POS’s Report

Inventory Management

  • A Design for every need – Personal, Blog and Professional Themes available
  • Access to 85,000 stock images
  • Completely Customizable

Financial Accounting

  • Full Accounting System
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss 
  • Trading Account
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledger
  • Interest Calculate
  • Cash/Bank Books and another

Multi Business Purpose

  • Supported and solve to manage more than 100 business cultures such as Financial Accounting, FMCG, Supper Markets, Commission Agents, Automobile, Computer Electronics Mobiles, Manufactures & Job Processing, Whole Sale & Retail, Taxation, Inventory & Builling VAT Reports E-Filling and anohter business type.

Attractive Bill Formats

  • Choose from hundreds of bill formats ready available. Customize yourself without any programing knowledge. Use colors, logo, line, watermark, formulas to beautify your bill design.

Complete Integration

  • Import & Export to Ms. Excel
  • Fast & Easy to Transfer from Another Accounting System
  • Everyday Backup Automatic
  • Never Loose Data while Your Server was Broken.
  • Support Multi Brands