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Rate Shopper


Go a little deep insight of your property market position compare to your competitor of OTAs platform

What hotel benefits ?

Rate Shopping

You may want to know how much your competitor sell their rate online compare to you, Rate Shopper system can get those data for you in real time.

What make us standout?

Graphs Insight Through Cloud

Giving you a clear and useful graphs information through cloud which you can access from anywhere any device

Prevent Rate Disparity

Variety rate public online impact your customer loyalty, Rate Shopper system give you a real time rate update across multiple OTAs platform.

Change Competitor set as you want

Set up to 10 competitor and you can change it then as you wishes

Improve OTA Ranking

Report shown that 75% of online booker book property that rank on 1st page on OTAs, Rate Shopper can help you monitor ranking for your ongoing improvement


Real Time Update

Hotelier like to change their rate any time fetch live rate function allow you stay up to date in just one click

Year round rate view

Ability to view rate up to 365 days included peak season, holiday & event through the platform

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