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Rate Shopper

Revenue Management

Helping hotelier to maximize profitability through incredibly data analytic system and pricing intelligently

What hotel benefits ?



Review your hotel sell performance data and giving advice of any action need to be done

What make us standout?


 Deign to be much easier and simple for any level of experience user, yet it is powerful enough to giving you benefits


A fully flexible pricing adjustment or recommendation base on demand, season, event for your most effective price set


Customer feedback is important for us to keep develop our system to meet a global level standard and customer satisfaction


 You can customize your rate of 365 days and 24/7

Local Support

No one time selling system but our hospitality expertise will keep in-touch with you on revenue management advisement

Integrated Cloud Based Platform

As our flagship product which is revenue management system, you are automatically enrolled into our Channel Manager & Rate Shopper, with optional upgrades for the Booking Engine & Property Management System. All our systems are cloud based so you can access it anytime anywhere.


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